Sound Room

We all know that beautiful feeling of painting with molten beeswax: lost in the zone of creative flow, completely absorbed and in love with the magnificence and possibilities of encaustic wax. We lose track of time and self-awareness, feel joyful and yet in powerful partnership with the challenges that this fluid (yet solid) waxy medium

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Line is often central to two-dimensional creative processes, but when painting with encaustics creating lines can present a challenge. This demonstration will inspire you to think about line differently. You’ll be introduced to an array of options for line and mark-making that you can easily add to your practice. Cat will show you a variety

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Join Amanda Pierce as she creates a stunning spirit sculpture. Amanda will demonstrate the draping of fabric combined with the unique properties of Powertex, a universal medium and fabric hardener to create a stunning sculpture. During this two-part demo you will learn to create an armature, sculpt and finish with a dry brushing technique.

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