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This talk introduces my work and origins, covers the inspiration and evolution of my installation Eyeing Medusa, and addresses some of the urgent issues facing our society today. The talk is augmented with stories of ancient mythological heroines and illustrated with relevant historical and contemporary artistic masterpieces in galleries worldwide. Featuring 37 interactive encaustic paintings

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In the demo I can share my experience of painting with wax paints on a canvas on stretcher . Features of surface preparation, the use of collage and the preparation of a textured primer for good adhesion and an interesting texture of the paint layer. I will demonstrate my techniques for combining wax paints with

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When I work with encaustic, I tend to work additively, applying my layers freely and loosely. Then I use a heat gun to mix my colours and create flow, tipping and turning my panels at the same time. As much as possible, I prefer to let the encaustic paint itself because, in the end, I

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This exhibition is a reflection on childhood and adolescence living in homes where there is abuse, physical violence, but especially verbal violence. We don’t see verbal abuse. Even if this violence is not imprinted on our body for others to see. It is printed in our head.Those kids who can’t leave. Forced to stay within

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Encaustics being not so popular in India is in itself a difficult position to be in. I have mapped the journey of rediscovering Encautics itself for the past 13 years with the help of the internet. Learnt the techniques and looked at tools that were kind of alien to me. But the passion to dive

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How do you keep track of your artwork when it is moving from your studio, to storage, to exhibitions, and back again? Artwork Archive is an inventory database system that helps to manage, organize, and track artwork. This presentation provides a broad overview of the systems and specific features such as how to set up

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