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My presentation will discuss the role of photography in art, as a tool of memory, witness, documentation or story-telling, and how it can be combined with physical objects in media such as encaustic or paint. I will discuss compositional considerations, printing methods (papers, inks, alternate processes) that are appropriate for use in encaustic or mixed

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Starting with a photo on a smartphone, go over all the edits that can be completed right on the smart phone to prepare image for printing. Review types of paper, printers and inks appropriate for photo encaustic including layering and none layering and for photo transfer on encaustic. Discuss drying times for glue etc Show

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I will focus on how to deepen the meaning of their artwork and incorporate intentional content into their creative process. I’ll share techniques and strategies for embedding personal experiences, beliefs, and messages into art, transforming it into a more profound and meaningful expression. We’ll explore the importance of self-reflection, and the use of symbolism to

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A Pigment Stick demonstration offers a relaxed environment where participants can see and experience Pigment Sticks. SeeTopics covered include: how R&F Pigment Sticks allow artists to explore traditional and alternative methods of painting with oil by allowing them draw or paint directly onto a surface with immediacy and fluidity; what Pigment Sticks are ; health

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Combining digital images printed on Japanese paper with wax on a variety of surfaces. Incorporating mixed materials such as powdered charcoal, India ink, acrylic paint, encaustic paint, gold/ silver leafing materials, glass panel, shellac, pencil and a variety of collaging materials and techniques.

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Throughout my teaching I have noticed four major recurring issues, problems and mistakes that many (beginner to advanced) encaustic painters encounter. Application, temperature, translucency, and fusing issues are the infamous problems. Even more of a problem is that these issues are difficult to pinpoint as some beginning painters may think it’s just the medium itself

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