Natasha Zhukova

Natasha Zhukova

About Natasha Zhukova

Natasha Zhukova (she/her) is a Russian artist who currently lives and works in Serbia. Graduated with honours from the Art and Graphic Faculty of Moscow State Pedagogical University. Participated in group and solo exhibitions in Russia, Europe, Canada. Natasha became the winner of the first international online exhibition #EncausticToday in 2020, and was also awarded in a number of other international competitions. Teacher of mixed media and encaustic in person and online since 2015, and has developed a course on encaustic in Russian.

Natasha experiments with different mediums, combining inspiration from nature and found objects. In her works, she explores colour and texture, striving for maximum emotional expressiveness.

“My works reflect my belief in love, taking the viewer with them into the depths of emotional experiences and unchanging hope. I want to touch people’s hearts through art, to inspire them to see and appreciate the beauty around and within themselves.”


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