Manjiri Joshi

Manjiri Joshi

About Manjiri Joshi

Manjiri Joshi (she/her) is a Bangalore based Indian encaustic artist and medical professional. Drawing inspiration from the relationship between nature and humans, her work is a vivid display of textures with unexpected spontaneity often bringing to light the abstract nature of life itself.

Her fascination with this art form began 13 years ago, captivated by the vibrant colors and unique techniques it offers. However, Encaustic is still in its early stages in India, with many artists unaware of the medium and its processes. Compounding the challenge, encaustic materials are not readily available commercially, making it difficult to source and teach at the studio level.

Undeterred, Manjiri has dedicated herself to researching and experimenting with locally available materials and tools. Since 2012, she has been showcasing her work and conducting demonstrations to raise awareness about Encaustic. She loves the textures and the exhilarating process of creating this art and is committed to advancing it in her country.

Manjiri aspires to share her journey and connect with professionals to deepen her knowledge of art. She is eager to foster dialogue and collaboration in the art community, contributing to the growth and recognition of Encaustic in India.


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