Lorraine Glessner

Lorraine Glessner

About Lorraine Glessner

Lorraine Glessner (she/her) is a former Assistant Professor at Tyler School of Art (2003-2016), a workshop instructor and an award-winning artist. Lorraine’s love of surface, pattern, mark-making and image has led her to combine disparate materials and processes in her work such as silk, wood, wax, pyrography and rust.

Recent professional achievements include curating, With Wax: Materiality & Mixed Media in Encaustic at Chester County Art Association in West Chester, PA, a Grand Prize Award from the show (re)Building, Atlantic Gallery, New York, NY, a First Place Award from Connections, Collage Artists of America, Los Angeles, CA and a recently appointed position as an Artist Instructor at R&F Paints.

Lorraine’s work is exhibited locally and nationally in galleries, museums, craft centers, universities, Fine Art Expos and more. Lorraine brings to her teaching a strong interdisciplinary approach, mixed with a balance of concept, process, experimentation and discovery.


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