Leah Macdonald

Leah Macdonald

About Leah Macdonald

Leah Macdonald (she/her) transforms her photographs into artifacts, one-of-a-kind conceptions that suggest the imperfection and multiplicity of memory and decay. The heart of her mixed media work, a poignant sense of revisitation and return. Her passion is sharing her art and creativity with others through teaching workshops, art exhibitions. Her new technique “photogestic” is the fruition of all her years of experimenting with altered surface photography and mixing media. It combines her three skills in art: photography, collage and encaustic painting.

She uses collage to place her figures and photographs in new and surreal environments. Her intuition with encaustics allows beeswax to embellish and veil her images. She carefully draws on the wax to decorate and control the visibility of the subject. Layering these mediums by manipulating surface texture and color grants her the ability to express her imagination and bring her art vision to life.


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