Kathy Bradshaw

Kathy Bradshaw

About Kathy Bradshaw

Kathy Bradshaw (she/her) is an award-winning Canadian encaustic artist who specializes in landscape and animal portraiture. Her luminous work exudes energy and life and is characterized by expressive mark-making, texture, colour and light. While her landscapes focus on the power of space and a search for spiritual well-being, her portraits focus on her subject’s “inner landscape” and are generally close-up, immersive and eye-to-eye.

Kathy began working with encaustic in 2005 after completing her BFA with great distinction and now works full-time out of her home studio. She has enriched her practice through IEA conferences and retreats, online workshops, a mentorship with American artist Michael David, international artist residencies and solo and group exhibitions across Canada and the U. S. Her work is represented by galleries across Canada and her paintings are part of collections throughout North America and around the world.


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