Isabelle Gaborit

Isabelle Gaborit

About Isabelle Gaborit

Isabelle Gaborit (she/her) is a professional visual artist originally from France, and currently residing in Ireland. Her artistic journey began with a foundation in drawing and painting at l’Ecole des Beaux Arts in France. In 2006, she graduated with an honours degree in fine arts in Ireland.

Since then, Isabelle’s artistic endeavours have taken her on a dynamic path of national and international exhibitions, showcasing her work in locations such as the USA, Northern Ireland, China, and France. Her chosen medium is encaustic painting, something she intertwines seamlessly with her daily sketching routine, where she delves into mark-making and gesture. Through this practice, she absorbs the essence of her surroundings, weaving together the visual memory of place—its forms, colours, textures, and patterns. A profound fascination with geological processes, shaped by time and weather, drives her artistic exploration and the transmutation of these experiences finds expression in Isabelle’s highly tactile paintings.


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