Amanda Pierce

Amanda Pierce

About Amanda Pierce

Amanda Pierce (she/her) is a resident artist and instructor at Lafab Cultural Center, nestled in the serene surroundings of Chelsea, Quebec. As a dedicated Canadian Cree Métis contemporary abstract encaustic artist, sculptor, and workshop facilitator, Amanda’s creations are acclaimed for their “hauntingly beautiful” allure. Her artwork, characterized by rich textures, captivating 3D elements, and an incorporation of nature-inspired, recycled materials, and found objects.

Amanda shares her expertise through workshops designed to guide participants in creating authentic art from the soul. Her intuitive approach emphasizes a letting-go process that fosters a meaningful connection with inner creativity.

As proud professional member of the International Encaustic Association, International Art Institute, National Capital Network of Sculptors, and a certified life caster and Powertex certified level IV instructor, Amanda’s work has garnered recognition in both local and international exhibitions. Collectors and businesses alike have acquired her pieces.


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