Time-space, an interface

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Time-space, an interface

September 5, 2025 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

  • Sound Room

About Session

During the course of this presentation, Isabelle will demonstrate various techniques which can be used by artists working with encaustic painting, focusing on geological activity and phenomena in relation to notions of time and memory.

Like the natural forces which give shape to the landscape over long period of time, she will demonstrate the necessary physicality of the processes that shaped the land, may they be erosion, deposition, weathering or relief, by building up, scrapping back, heating, cooling, scoring, shaping and building up layers.

She will share her process-driven practise with pigmented beeswax whose forms, colours, textures and patterns result from processes similar to those that shape and reshape the earth: heating and cooling, erosion, subduction, friction, enfolding, weathering, slippage.

In overall, by mimicking the addition and subtraction of geological processes in nature, she is hoping to reveal records or stories, whose traces are still left on highly tactile surfaces.

Isabelle will also share her unique approach to gathering inspiration from the immediate environment and her distinctive method of daily mark-making.


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