Most Common Encaustic Painting Woes & How to Fix Them

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Most Common Encaustic Painting Woes & How to Fix Them

September 5, 2025 @ 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm

  • Bay Room

About Session

Throughout my teaching I have noticed four major recurring issues, problems and mistakes that many (beginner to advanced) encaustic painters encounter. Application, temperature, translucency, and fusing issues are the infamous problems. Even more of a problem is that these issues are difficult to pinpoint as some beginning painters may think it’s just the medium itself and give up before they really get started. Intermediate and advanced painters may have learned to adapt, but still end up getting frustrated. Encaustic is an amazing painting medium and it’s so sad when I hear that artists have given it up because of a problem that could have easily been fixed with knowing only one useful tip. If you’re having some painting bothers, don’t throw down your brushes in disgust just yet.

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