Intention and Intuition

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Intention and Intuition

September 5, 2025 @ 10:30 am - 11:30 am

  • Sound Room

About Session

My work has constantly evolved and changed each year and every body of work. I am continuously learning more encaustic techniques and thinking of various ways to organize my layers of encaustic paint and how I implement certain encaustic painting techniques. My talk would show the evolution and progress my art has made from simple pouring techniques over photographs and one color painting to more elaborate layered paintings with many types of paper and painting techniques in the layers. I have over the years mastered certain specific encaustic painting techniques like translucent layering, print making on rice paper and then formulated how to use them together in a specific order to create a style of work. I find art to be a series of decisions: through education, observation and practice I have develop each of the individual skills that combined together make a strong personal style and cohesive body of work. My talk would describe some of my favorite encaustic painting techniques and through examples of my work I can discuss some of these techniques, how I learned about them and how they can be combined to have structure in the chaos of art making.


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