How Do We See Women in Art?

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How Do We See Women in Art?

September 7, 2025 @ 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm

  • Shore Room

About Session

This talk introduces my work and origins, covers the inspiration and evolution of my installation Eyeing Medusa, and addresses some of the urgent issues facing our society today. The talk is augmented with stories of ancient mythological heroines and illustrated with relevant historical and contemporary artistic masterpieces in galleries worldwide.

Featuring 37 interactive encaustic paintings and 8 videos, Eyeing Medusa, celebrates visionary women of all ages, orientations, cultures and walks of life making a difference in our world today. Each painting’s title and story parallels a legendary heroine with a contemporary woman. By fusing the past with the present, I invite viewers to look at women in a new light and consider these artworks as a means to illuminate and address urgent contemporary social issues such as the global increase in racist and sexual assaults on women, LGBTQ2S+ and people of colour; and the undermining of women’s rights. The installation is named for Medusa, the archetypal wronged-woman of Greek mythology. Torn from her spiritual path, raped, blamed, banished and ultimately beheaded, Medusa’s story echoes that of countless women throughout history. While her monstrous rage and debilitating grief petrifies all who look upon her, viewing Medusa is possible via a mirror. Eyeing this ancient wild/wise woman requires facing our own fears, culpability and difficult questions— so that we may recognize and stop perpetuating unhealthy beliefs and behaviours. Eyeing Medusa aims to shift perspectives and change historically toxic narratives by focusing on respect, empowerment and self-actualization.


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