Happiness is elsewhere or travel fragments

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Happiness is elsewhere or travel fragments

September 6, 2025 @ 11:15 am - 12:15 pm

  • Shore Room

About Session

This exhibition is a reflection on childhood and adolescence living in homes where there is abuse, physical violence, but especially verbal violence. We don’t see verbal abuse. Even if this violence is not imprinted on our body for others to see. It is printed in our head.
Those kids who can’t leave. Forced to stay within these walls and suffer the cruelty. These children who will desert the family nest as quickly as possible in order to live a little happiness without feeling guilty or despised

For all these children,the repetition of abuse is becoming more and more burdensome. Harder to get rid of when they are finally liberated. Anger, bitterness, and forgiveness are paths that severely mortgage them.

When you think about it, the goal of a human is to reach their full potential. Often, these people are not able to achieve it, while others become role models.

The objective is to give voice to a little-known cause that is not often talked about. We talk about bullying at school, on social media or in the workplace, but little is said about verbal abuse by parents towards their children.

I have interviewed people who experienced this kind of ordeal, and heard of their childhood experiences, their eventual escape, and their subsequent healing process. For each of these testimonials, I have built a house that encapsulates some of the emotions they experienced.


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