Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch (she/her) is an Artist, Author, and Instructor with a passion for inspiring others. Her love for the medium of encaustic translates into her teaching, and students benefit from a passionate, engaging experience filled with all the knowledge Patricia has acquired and developed in her foraging into this rich and diverse medium over […]

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Shary Bartlett

Shary Bartlett (she/her) is a Canadian artist living in Vancouver, British Columbia. She teaches art workshops globally and nationally and has been a long-time fine arts instructor at Capilano University, Langara College and Red Deer College. Shary teaches online in the international Painting with Fire encaustic Masterclass, featuring 26 of the world’s top encaustic instructors.

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Shary Bartlett

France Benoit

France Benoit (she/her) is a mixed media encaustic painter and sculptor who lives in Quebec, Canada. Inspired by houses in Europe, her distinctive work takes the form of little houses. She is known for her stylized encaustic works, influenced by wabi sabi. Her art is characterized by rich textures, vibrant colours, and the integration of

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France Benoit

Kari Bronaugh

Kari Bronaugh (she/her) established Bochord Bookbinding in 2018 and commenced full-time dedication to accruing 10,000 hours of bench time to master the art of hand bookbinding. Her training was directed towards bookbinding techniques predating industrialization, with a particular fascination for historic structures that have endured through time. The joy derived from connecting with an ancient

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Kari Bronaugh

Kerry Engel

Kerry Engel (she/her) is a botanical artist, creative educator and self-proclaimed mojo-maker with a passion for eco-printing, Cyanotype (sun printing), mixed media and encaustic art from Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada.

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Kerry Engel

Isabelle Gaborit

Isabelle Gaborit (she/her) is a professional visual artist originally from France, and currently residing in Ireland. Her artistic journey began with a foundation in drawing and painting at l’Ecole des Beaux Arts in France. In 2006, she graduated with an honours degree in fine arts in Ireland. Since then, Isabelle’s artistic endeavours have taken her

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Isabelle Gaborit

Sylvia Galbraith

Sylvia Galbraith (she/her) is a Canadian artist working primarily in landscape and documentary photography, with experience in painting and drawing as well. A self-taught artist, she employs traditional analogue, digital capture and historical processes, often combining these methods in a single image. The ephemeral quality of these processes complements the nature of her subject, in

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Lorraine Glessner

Lorraine Glessner (she/her) is a former Assistant Professor at Tyler School of Art (2003-2016), a workshop instructor and an award-winning artist. Lorraine’s love of surface, pattern, mark-making and image has led her to combine disparate materials and processes in her work such as silk, wood, wax, pyrography and rust. Recent professional achievements include curating, With

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Angela Hansen

Angela Hansen (she/her) is a Lake Country artist and art instructor completing her BDes at ECUAD and her BEd at UVic. Angela has exhibited in Canada and the US including 2 installations in 2021: “BREATH” at the Alternator Centre For Contemporary Art, and “BRINK” at the Kelowna Art Gallery. Angela has written articles for “Encaustic

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Angela Hansen

Kathy Hubley

Kathy Hubley, she/her, is driven by a passion for creating artworks that bring joy. Like many individuals, she often grapples with the challenge of choosing joy, recognizing the profound impact that such a choice can have. Despite not having pursued formal art education, Kathy refrains from labeling herself as entirely self-taught. Throughout her artistic journey,

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